Sunday, July 12, 2009

Review on a post on Legal from My Ecommerce Blog

From this blog post, i found that it is interesting. By using iPhone to check the student attendance whether the student is present a school or not. This can prevent student making fake attendance such like helping friends to sign on the attendance. Besides that, its also have downloading learning material function such like lecture notes, tutorial questions and so on. Although the school high already use such high technology device to take attendance but the student still can cheat on the attendance by bringing friend's iphone to school. In my opinion, the iPhone can add in biometric application- fingerprint. Fingerprint can't be borrow or bring by other people to school for taking the attendance.

I think this application can be apply to Malaysian's school. Besides can prevent absentees cheat on the attendance, it also can help school to track where is the student is. This can reduce those secondary school students from going to cybercafe or shopping at the school time.

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